Inovative 180 Degree Enclosed Chroma Facility

Welcome to The Chroma Dome.

Changing the possibilities for the Film Industry!


World's Largest Chroma Wall

Film Makers and Special Effects Professinals can take advatage of this one of a kind outdoor Chroma Wall! Regardless of the desired look, The Chroma Ranch can handle it.


Awesome Inventory of Rolling Stock

As the western Canadian outlet for Starline Production Rentals we can out fit any production with a full compliment of rolling stock. 

Expansion is underway!! Chroma Ranch 2.0 is coming!!

A Quick Look

Massive Property

10.5 Acres of rural property in a “Film Friendly” community.

Huge Chroma Wall

The worlds largest double sided Chroma Wall!

Lots of Options

Have a look at the numerous buildings available.

The Chroma Ranch

North America's largest outdoor chroma screen facilty.

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